Study Abroad Data (Texas A&M)

Campus Data

For reports you can easily build yourself, go to the website (see Student Metrics tab, page 2).  The website has two interactive student abroad data reports that can be downloaded from the Student Metrics icon: 

  1. Time to Degree contains the average length of time students take to obtain a degree at Texas A&M University, including education abroad. The filter options can also be used to find information on student's major, department, college, and more. The data also shows trends across time.
   2. Education Abroad Overview can be filtered to view data by destinations traveled, ethnicities, and more from 2007 to the present. If the data required is unavailable or for comparisons of other data points, please submit a data request to:  DARS (Data &  Research Services).

National Comparison Data

Education Abroad Comparative Data (Vision 2020 Peer and International)