Education Abroad Data Requests

  • Previous Fiscal Year Data (Ex.: Fiscal Year starting Sept. 1, 2007 - August 31, 2007 and through the last fiscal year)                               Information about students studying abroad from past data sets starting with September 2007, is available for download in the Education Abroad Overview on the website, Student Metrics section. Education abroad related data elements available are defined in this DARS document
  • Current Fiscal Year data (Sept. 1 – August 31)
    Please contact Data and Research Services (DARS) to request information about students receiving an education abroad during the current fiscal year (for any program, location, term, etc.). All data requests are subject to privacy regulations and depending on the queue of pending projects, may take some time to process. Please plan accordingly.
  • Correlations of Study Abroad Data with Other Student Metrics for Any Fiscal Year                                                                                       Data and Research Services (DARS) can provide data sets with metrics that can be correlated with other Compass (student information system) elements not found in the Education Abroad overview available on the Accountability website. For example, data comparisons between students who go abroad and those who do not, capturing special cohorts of students who are tagged as members of that cohort in Compass, multi-year comparisons and many other features can be requested.  Follow contact instructions in the above “Current Fiscal Year data” segment to obtain these data sets.