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International Programs Committee

Charge:  As a reporting committee of the Faculty Senate, members on the International Programs Committee are nominated by their college’s dean to represent the college in this Faculty Senate reporting committee.  Committee members serve to advise the Office of the Provost on global efforts, processes, and initiatives on campus, particularly those related to global student learning; serve as a resource and partner for Texas A&M University's International Advisory Board (IAB); and provide an avenue for college feedback to the Office of the Provost on global issues. 

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

College of Architecture
Leslie Feigenbaum (Associate Dean for International Programs)
Phone: 845-7886
Term Expiration: August 2022
       Jolynn Hays (Administrative Assistant)

Bush School of Government & Public Service
Joe Dillard
Mohammad Tabaar

Mays Business School
Daria Panina (Professor)
Phone: 845-4848
Mail Stop: 4113
Term Expiration: August 2023
       Katy Lane (Director of the Center for International Business)

College of Dentistry


College of Education and Human Development
Jay Woodward (Professor)
Phone: 845-5311
Mail Stop: 4222
Term Expiration: August 2022
       Melanie Robideau (Administrative Coordinator)

College of Engineering
Harry Hogan (Acting Senior Associate Dean)
Phone: 845-1538
Mail Stop: 3127
       Maria Alves (Senior Director)

School of Engineering Medicine

Faculty Senate Representative Co-Chair
James R. Woosley (Instructional Professor of Health & Kinesiology)
Phone: 845-2162
Mail Stop: 4243
Term Expiration: August 2022

College of Geosciences
Ping Yang (Associate Dean for Research)
Phone: 845-3651
Mail Stop: 3148
Term Expiration: August 2021
       Corie Smith (Assistant to the Dean)

School of Law
Charlotte Ku (Associate Dean for International Programs)
Term Expiration: August 2023

College of Liberal Arts
Stefanie Harris (Associate Professor & Department Head, International Studies)
Phone: 862-4442
Mail Stop: 4215
Term Expiration:

Kathy Anders (Assistant Professor & Library Director)
Phone: 862-4664
Mail Stop: 5000
Term Expiration: August 2023

College of Medicine

College of Nursing
Stacey A. Mitchell (Clinical Associate Professor)
Phone: 436-0177
Mail Stop: 1266
Term Expiration: August 2021

Irma Lurma Rangel College of Pharmacy


Office of the Provost
Dr. Tim Scott (Interim Provost& Executive Vice President)
Term Expiration: ∞
       Cathey Cordova (Administrative Assistant)

Office of the Vice President for Research
Jack Baldauf (Senior Associate Vice President for Research)
Phone: 845-8585
Term Expiration: ∞ sdf
       Sharon Mena (Executive Assistant)

School of Public Health
Heather Clark (Director of Public Health Practice)
Phone: 436-9363
Mail Stop: 1266
Term Expiration: August 2022

College of Science
Lucas Macri (Professor & Associate Dean)
Phone: 845-7362
Mail Stop: 4242
Term Expiration: 

Texas A&M University- Galveston
Niko Mykoniatis (Instructional Associate Professor)
Phone: (409) 741-4012
Term Expiration: August 2023

College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Science
Linda Logan (Professor, Veterinary Pathobiology Director, CVM International Programs)
Phone: 845-5941
Mail Stop: 4467
Term Expiration: August 2027

Transition Academic Programs


Staff Representatives:

Global Engagement
Holly Hudson (Associate Vice President)
Global Engagement
Phone: 845-0544
Mail Stop: 3262

Traci Lacy (Committee Liaison)
Associate Director- Global Partnership Services

Phone: 865-3087
Mail Stop: 1245

Suzanne Droleskey (Executive Director)
Global Partnership Services

Mail Stop: 1245