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International Programs Committee

Charge:  As a reporting committee to the Faculty Senate, to advise the Office of the Provost on global efforts, processes, and initiatives on campus, particularly those related to global student learning; to serve as a resource and partner for TAMU’s International Advisory Board (IAB); to provide an avenue for college feedback to the provost’s office on global issues. 
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College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Clare A. Gill (Executive Associate Dean)
Phone: 845-6944
Mail Stop: 2402
Term Expiration: August 2022
       Alberta Ortiz-Ganem (Executive Assistant to the Associate Dean)         

College of Architecture
Leslie Feigenbaum (Associate Dean for International Programs)
Phone: 845-7886
Term Expiration: August 2022
       Jolynn Hays (Administrative Assistant)

Mays Business School
Daria Panina (Professor)
Phone: 845-4848
Mail Stop: 4113
Term Expiration: August 2023

College of Education and Human Development
Jay Woodward (Professor)
Phone: 845-5311
Mail Stop: 4222
Term Expiration: August 2022
       Melanie Robideau (Administrative Coordinator)

Education Abroad
Holly Hudson (Executive Director)
Phone: 845-0544
Mail Stop: 3262
Term Expiration: ∞ sdf

College of Engineering
Harry Hogan (Acting Senior Associate Dean)
Phone: 845-1538
Mail Stop: 3127
       Maria Alves (Senior Director)

Faculty Senate Representative Co-Chair
James R. Woosley (Instructional Professor of Health & Kinesiology)
Phone: 845-2162
Mail Stop: 4243
Term Expiration: August 2022

College of Geosciences
Ping Yang (Associate Dean for Research)
Phone: 845-3651
Mail Stop: 3148
Term Expiration: August 2021
       Corie Smith (Assistant to the Dean)

School of Innovation
Bob Shandley (Associate Dean)
Phone: 845-2124
Mail Stop: 4215
Term Expiration: August 2023

School of Law
Charlotte Ku (Associate Dean for International Programs)
Term Expiration: August 2023

College of Liberal Arts
Steve Oberhelman (Professor & Associate Dean)
Phone: 845-2124
Mail Stop: 4215
Term Expiration: August 2023

Kathy Anders (Assistant Professor & Library Director)
Phone: 862-4664
Mail Stop: 5000
Term Expiration: August 2023

College of Medicine
Jose Florez Arango (Instructional Associate Professor)
Phone: 436-0663
Mail Stop: 1114
Term Expiration: August 2023

College of Nursing
Stacey A. Mitchell (Clinical Associate Professor)
Phone: 436-0177
Mail Stop: 1266
Term Expiration: August 2021

Office of the Provost
Dr. Patrick Louchouarn (Interim Vice Provost)
Phone: 845-4016
Mail Stop: 1248
Term Expiration: ∞
       Chad Wootton (Associate Vice President for External Affairs)
       Janet Gonzalez (Administrative Assistant)

Office of the Vice President for Research
Jack Baldauf (Senior Associate Vice President for Research)
Phone: 845-8585
Term Expiration: ∞ sdf
       Mona Somers (Administrative Assistant)

School of Public Health
Heather Clark (Director of Public Health Practice)
Phone: 436-9363
Mail Stop: 1266
Term Expiration: August 2022

College of Science
Gil Rosenthal (Professor)
Phone: 255-6119
Mail Stop: 3258
Term Expiration: August 2022

Texas A&M University- Galveston
Niko Mykoniatis (Instructional Associate Professor)
Phone: (409) 741-4012
Term Expiration: August 2023

College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Science
Linda Logan (Professor, Veterinary Pathobiology Director, CVM International Programs)
Phone: 845-5941
Mail Stop: 4467
Term Expiration: August 2027
       Erika Walker (Program Coordinator)