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Environmental Design

- Released on Feb 20, 2011

In January 2011, students from multiple disciplines, spent two weeks in a creativity and innovation class known as Environmental Design (ENDS) 101. Led by Dr. Vanegas, Dean of the College of Architecture, ENDS 101 is a course intended to teach students how the design and creativity process can play an important role in their future careers. The Soltis Center provides an immersive learning environment that allows students to build close-knit teams that work in a collaborative nature that only living in close quarters can provide.

This course introduces students to fundamental concepts of creativity and problem solving through creative thinking, humor and creativity, convergent and divergent thinking, and cultural influences on problem solving.

ENDS 101 emphasizes the production of knowledge, given that all assignments require each student to produce knowledge rather than reproduce knowledge, both individually and in teams; to think holistically; and to reach his or her potential creative talent. In addition, the course encourages students to develop their leadership skills, to enhance their written and oral communications skills, and to cultivate an entrepreneur spirit. Students learn how to conduct patent searches, and to develop prior work collections (i.e., drivers, ingredients, and precedents) for all of their creations. Finally, students are made aware of how future theory, studies, trends, influences, and singularity, will possibly affect career choices in a global context.

2011 was the third trip to the Soltis Center for the College of Architecture.