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Extending the Texas-Mexico Trade Corridor Project

- Released on Sep 15, 2009

Dr. Barry Lawrence and Dr. Jorge Leon, Co-Directors of the Global Manufacturing and Distribution Research Initiative traveled to El Salvador September 9 to12 with a delegation from Texas A&M including Dr. Michael Greenwald, Director of International Studies Degree Program, Dr. Roger Norton, Executive Director for the Office for Latin America Programs, and Ms. Maria Alves, Program Manager for South American in the Office for Latin American Programs.

The purpose of the trip was to explore the possibility of extending The Texas-Mexico Trade Corridor Project into Central America, called Mesoamerica Trade Corridor. In addition, the delegation explored student and faculty exchange programs with ESEN as well as with the University of El Salvador. The delegation met with different governmental institutions that could finance this type of collaboration. To conclude, they also explored student internship possibilities. In this visit, the delegation met with representatives of various research and education institutions, the US Embassy, local businesses and the Aggie Club of El Salvador.