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Indonesian Contest Winners Visit Aggieland

- Released on Jul 24, 2008

On Wednesday, July 9, 2008, the “Funtastic Four” a group of Indonesian high school students, visited Texas A&M University as part of a trip across the US. Earlier, the group had all been winners in a television reality show for their proficiency in the English Language, and their prize was a two week journey across the United States. The show featured talented Indonesian public high school students from four different regions of Indonesia competing to win the educational trip to the United States. George Santulli,Producer/Director for the U.S. Department of State Office of Broadcast Support, accompanied the group, along with a video crew from Indonesian television. The crew filmed the trip to make a documentary about the four and their adventures in the US, which will be aired in Indonesia in August. The group consisted of I Made Adhi Pratama, Devi Fitri Yani, Fadhila Trya Wulandari, and Nadira Titalia. picture The group visited San Francisco, Denver, Austin, San Antonio and Brenham before visiting College Station. The Funtastic Four’s visit to Texas A&M was their only stop at an American university. While at A&M, the students met with 20 Indonesian Aggies. While having lunch at Sbisa, the Funtastic Four talked and mingled with the Aggies, trying to grasp what college life in America is like. Conrad Pramono, President of the Indonesian Student Association, said, "I feel very honored and excited to be able to show my fellow Indonesians what it's like to attend such a great American university”. After lunch, the group toured campus and visited the Jack E. Brown and Zachary Buildings to see the inside of labs and classrooms. The Funtastic Four also learned about A&M’s traditions, and some of the notable places on campus to study, nap, or join a game of Frisbee. As the day was winding down, all of the students wanted to make sure they left A&M with plenty of souvenirs, so they were taken to the MSC bookstore where they bought everything from t-shirts to keychains to bags made by Aggie Moms. With Washington DC and New York ahead of them, the Funtastic Four exchanged contact information with their Indonesian Aggie hosts, and made promises to stay in touch. The high school students are ready to start applying to colleges, and after their visit to A&M, they are looking forward to their college education in America.