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Gracie Lara

Gracie Lara
Gracie Lara
Executive Assistant for Partnership Services
Office: Rudder Tower 8th Floor
Phone Number: 979-862-4007

Administrative Support for Public Partnership & Outreach, website editor, facilitates study abroad contract tracking, world ranking report updates, assessment, and serves as liaison with signature partner Hacienda Santa Clara for faculty, staff and administrators.

Gracie is the Executive Assistant for Partnership Services to the Executive Director-Public Partnership & Outreach Effectiveness. In addition to this role, she provides administrative support for Public Partnership & Outreach (PPO) and supports other PPO staff and Texas A&M University workgroups. As the Executive Assistant for Partnership Services, she performs general office support duties, as well as maintains websites for Global Program Support, Continuing & Professional Education, the Soltis Center at Costa Rica, and Mexico Partnership Services websites. Gracie provides PPO reports, presentations, and university publications, and works with the Study Abroad Programs Office (SAPO) to expedite vendor contracts; researches, compiles and applies information to fulfill data requests and creates reports related to student mobility.