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Administrative Leaders

Michael J. Benedik Michael J. Benedik
Vice Provost

Duties- Serves as Chief International Officer of Texas A&M University, interprets and facilitates opportunities and initiatives in concert with Deans, Provost and President. Oversees implementation of the Texas A&M Abroad: Global Engagement Plan. Coordinates interdisciplinary research and teaching initiatives.
Suzanne Droleskey Suzanne Droleskey
Executive Director-Partnership & Outreach Effectiveness

Duties- Public Partnership & Outreach: Assessment, Regulatory Compliance, Data for Education Abroad, Mexico Partnerships, and Accountability
Chad Wootton Chad Wootton
Associate Vice President for External Affairs

Duties- Coordinates Global Partnership Resources and Signature International Service Providers, liaison to the Vice Provost and International Programs Committee on global engagement operations and facilitates the International Advisory Board.

Administrative Staff

Traci Lacy Traci Lacy
Program Coordinator

Duties- Public Partnership & Outreach; Program Coordinator; International Agreements
Gracie Lara Gracie Lara
Assistant to the Executive Director

Duties- Public Partnership & Outreach: Administrative Support (PPO), facilitates study abroad data, reports, and assessment.
Amanda Johnson Amanda Johnson
Administrative Assistant (part-time)

Duties- Public Partnership & Outreach; Administrative Support