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Study Abroad College Contacts

The study abroad college contact is a person identified by each college who can best advise faculty on college issues related to sending students abroad for credit-bearing programs. The study abroad contacts for each college are listed below:

Texas A&M University courses taught overseas by Texas A&M faculty. These courses are typically taught in English, with the exception of language credit programs. Students are provided with an academically enriching experience in the host country, complemented with culturally relevant excursions. Find out more about Faculty-Led Programs here.

Affiliated program providers are third party private entities that specialize in providing study abroad programs for U.S. students where students enroll in courses and earn academic credit.  This credit is transferred back to Texas A&M.  Some affiliated program providers are located in the U.S., some are not.  Most use U.S. faculty members to teach courses; some hire foreign faculty members or collaborate with foreign institutions; some facilitate faculty led programs from our university.  Most provide transcripts from foreign institutions or U.S. institutions; some provide transcripts themselves.  Texas A&M has signed university-wide affiliation agreements with organizations listed below who provide undergraduate programs.  The benefit of having affiliates is twofold:  provision of a wide range of options abroad that complement the offerings of the university, and students can more easily use their federal financial aid on these programs than on some other non-affiliated programs abroad.  In order to become an affiliate of Texas A&M, faculty members or departments can provide a justification for doing so. Colleges review, approve, and forward the recommendation to the Study Abroad Programs Office. The recommendation is sent to the Office of the Provost, who determines whether to proceed with the affiliation agreement for five years.