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Global Partnerships

Texas A&M University has a long history of cooperation and collaboration with global partners to build educational programs, conduct critical research, and develop innovative solutions for global problems. This approach has never been more important than now. Graduates of Texas A&M will enter the workforce that operates in a global context, so it is important that they develop international and intercultural skills. Likewise, knowledge is created in a global context, and faculty research is enhanced by strategic international alliances. Finally, critical issues facing the world call for global solutions and Texas A&M brings to the world a rich intellectual capacity to address these issues.

Global partnerships at Texas A&M University might exist at multiple levels, including at the department or research center level, the college level, or the university level. The office of Public Partnership & Outreach is happy to help faculty and academic units to develop new partnerships or to expand existing partnerships to contribute to the academic, research, and service mission of the university. The resources below will help you to begin: 

  • Existing agreements with foreign institutions:

Country Engagement Data 

With some advance notice, Public Partnership & Outreach can prepare a briefing sheet for a specific country. These Country Engagement Data Sheets include information regarding international university partners, study abroad data and other information regarding each specific country.