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International Academic Collaborations

Texas A&M University has a long history of cooperation and collaboration with global partners to build educational programs, conduct critical research, and develop innovative solutions for global problems.

International academic collaborations at Texas A&M University might exist at multiple levels, including at the department or research center level, the college level, or the university level. The office of Public Partnership & Outreach is happy to help faculty and departments to develop new partnerships. The resources below will help you to begin: 

  • How to create or renew an International Agreement (Memorandum of Agreement / Memorandum of Understanding) with foreign institutions:

Developing joint or dual degrees with foreign institutions starts by visiting:


Country Engagement Data 

With some advance notice, Public Partnership & Outreach can prepare a briefing sheet for a specific country. These Country Engagement Data Sheets include information regarding international university partners, study abroad data and other information regarding each specific country.