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International Academic Agreement Review & Renewal/Termination Process

  • The first step is to check with Public Partnership & Outreach staff or on the PPO web site to determine whether an agreement already exists that covers your project with the foreign institution of interest. If no agreement currently exists with the foreign institution, new documents must be created.
  • A Justification Statement is required to accompany any new or renewed international agreement. This should be a one page document that outlines the program and ensures the program meets the goals of the college and/ or university.
  • The Texas A&M primary contact should draft the MOA or MOU with the help of their representative and send the first draft to PPO for initial review. Upon approval, the initiating faculty member will work with the international partner to create a program that adheres to all parties legal constraints and that promotes the parties needs and interest.  The text should be written in consultation with the contact of the foreign institution and PPO.
  • An agreement begins in the College with a visit to the college international agreements representative. The University requires a justification statement for an MOA and is recommended for an MOU. The purpose of this statement is used to determine if the agreement meets the College's and University's strategic goals and objectives. Once it is determined that the agreement will go forward, it is sent to Public Partnership & Outreach for review and routing.
  • Templates of an initial Memorandum of Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding must be consulted when preparing a draft to share with an international counterpart. These documents have been previously approved by all university officials and significantly different agreements result in a varied routing period.
  • Once a Memorandum of Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding has been drafted (with the help of the college international agreements representative), it will be forwarded to tlacy[at] in the Public Partnership & Outreach (PPO) office will review the document to ensure that it meets University guidelines and policies. If necessary, the document will be returned to the initiating department or individual for corrections.
  • In some cases International Agreements will need to be routed through TAMU System Sponsored Research Services or Contract Administration for review.  Agreement creators should be aware that the approval and routing process can take from three to ten weeks and therefore are encouraged to begin the process early.
  • It is imperative that the Texas A&M contact/initiating department discuss the corrections or additions as recommended by PPO with the counterpart(s) at the foreign institution so they may arrive at a mutually agreeable document.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the agreement, PPO will ensure that the document obtains the recommendations, approvals, and signatures from the appropriate administrators. PPO will handle the routing of agreements for all signatures including the foreign partner’s signatures.
  • Once all appropriate Texas A&M University and foreign partner signatures have been obtained, one original copy of the agreement is returned to the study abroad college contact initiating the agreement for their records. At that time PPO will archive the other TAMU official copy.
  • Colleges evaluate success of active International Agreements.  Mid term assessments for each program will be scheduled upon the finalization of the original agreement.
  • College international agreements representative receive a notification of renewal by email sent by Public Partnership & Outreach in accordance to the mid-term schedule prepared upon the agreement’s finalization.
  • If the agreement is not renewed by the expiration date, the college Dean and study abroad college contacts are notified that the agreement has expired and that activities under the agreement must be terminated.
  • If a college continues to carry on programs under an expired agreement, Public Partnership & Outreach will send a formal notice to the college Dean and study abroad college contact informing the risk and the need to meet compliance. Copies will be forwarded to University's Risk and Compliance Office.

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