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There are many locations around the world that can host student programs. To identify the best option for a particular program, contact Mrs. Pascale Parker (pparker[at] at Education Abroad or call (979) 845-0544. 
There are many different options to consider when organizing these kinds of trips. For a list of the different programs and more information concerning each, please see the Create Programs in this website or contact Education Abroad.
The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) provides leadership and coordination for the Texas higher education system.  Since being created by the Texas Legislature in 1965, the Board has worked to achieve excellence for the college education of Texas students.  All courses taught overseas must conform to the regulations set forth by the THECB.  Each education abroad course needs an additional process of notification to the THECB prior to being taught outside the U.S., according to Texas state regulations. This is above and beyond being part of the main course inventory of the institution or part of an approved degree or certification program.  Without having this additional notification process, the University may not submit weighted semester credit hours generated by such courses to the state for formula funding.  For more information about the THECB, visit their website.
To search for active or expired partnerships, please use the interactive search functions in the International Partnership Database.  
Faculty members or administrators with a foreign university can contact Global Partnership Services for information on how to start the process of creating an agreement with Texas A&M University.