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Sample Faculty Videos

High Impact Teaching at Texas A&M Soltis Center in Costa Rica

Dr. Chris Houser with the College of Geosciences describes a summer research experience for undergraduates funded through the National Science Foundation. Students are introduced to physical geography by such activities as surveying a jungle mountainside.
Chris Houser:
(Prior to his departure from Texas A&M University)

Texas A&M Undergrads Study with Italian Students at University of Padua

The College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences has an ongoing study abroad program with a partner university in Italy. Dr. Maya Scott, from the department of Physiology and Pharmacology, shares her perspective on the program and what students gain from participating.
Maya Scott:

Texas A&M Construction Students do Study Abroad, Intern in London

“Wingtips, WorkBoots and Wigs” is a 19 week program through the College of Architecture, whose faculty advisor, Melissa Diagneault, says allows many students to graduate a semester early. Students study construction law and risk management, followed by an internship.
Melissa Daigneault:

Service-Learning in China Benefits Texas A&M and Tsinghua University Students

The Texas A&M tradition of service is highlighted in this College of Education and Human Development program in China. Dr. Cindy Boettcher provides program highlights about how Aggies help to teach English to Chinese students and gain global skills they can bring to Texas classrooms.
Cindy Boettcher:

A Study Abroad Field Trip Brings Clean Water to Haiti

Some programs abroad involve short trips connected to academic programs, such as the Texas A&M Water Project, which works to provide safe drinking water to at-risk populations. Dr. Bryan Boulanger, from the Department of Civil Engineering, describes a trip to the Dominican Republic and what students and Texas will gain from such projects.
Bryan Boulanger: (Prior to his departure from Texas A&M University)