Faculty-Led Programs

Texas A&M University courses taught overseas by Texas A&M faculty. The courses are typically taught in English, with the exception of language credit programs. Students are provided with an academically enriching experience in the host country, complemented with culturally relevant excursions.

Step  1: Department and College Support
Faculty wanting to create such a program should to discuss this with the appropriate academic department head and the study abroad college contact.
Visiting with the Study Abroad Programs Director or the Assistant Director for Faculty-Led Programs (studyabroad[at] or 845-0544) about assistance this office may offer in developing and managing such programs is also encouraged.

Step 2:  Creating and Submitting a Proposal
Study abroad college contacts and the Study Abroad Programs Office staff can guide faculty in the course proposal process. When departmental and college approval is secured, the proposal is ready to be implemented.

Step 3:  Once a Proposal is Approved
Faculty may start planning programs abroad, working closely with the Study Abroad Programs office to coordinate logistics, funding, and other administrative processes. This office will initiate contact with the faculty once the study abroad college contact notifies SAPO of college approval. However, SAPO is available to assist at any point in the process: studyabroad[at] or 979-845-0544. This office will provide assistance throughout the many phases of development, implementation, and post-program activities as well as in emergency and crisis situations abroad.