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International Service Providers

ISP Contract Development & Routing Process:

An International Service Providers (ISP) may either be U.S. or foreign vendors (e.g. a university, travel agent, hotel, study abroad program provider, etc.) who provide services necessary to implement all or part of a student program abroad by providing food, housing, excursions, and other program logistics. They may also be contracted to facilitate conferences, meetings, or other international activities related to faculty scholarship and research.

Who to Contact:

Departments interested in identifying an ISP to assist with arrangements for a student program, or in understanding and facilitating the many other components of a program abroad for students should first consider existing vendors. Many master agreements exist and one of these may meet your needs. These existing agreements can be found in the agreement database by typing "study abroad contract" in the Text Search box. If using one of these, please contact the department of record for more information about the vendor and to prevent confusion.

Departments with questions about the process described below to create and route vendor agreements with ISP's may contact Dr. Suzanne Droleskey (sdroleskey[at] or call 862-6700 for assistance.

Signature International Service Provider Agreements:

There are three centrally maintained ISP partnerships that support efforts of faculty, colleges, and the University as a whole:  ItalArt's Santa Chiara Study Center in Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy, CEISC's Hacienda Santa Clara in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and the Soltis Center for Research & Education in San Isidro, Costa Rica. For more information about creating programs at these locations, contact the Global Faculty Advocate for the location. 

Develop ISP contracts using existing templates & the steps below:

The department will need to work with the vendor to ensure compliance with required elements of contracting with Texas A&M University. Basically, there are three potential options to ensure such compliance:
  • Use the vendor's standard contracts agreement, in English, with a Texas A&M University foreign based ISP Addendum or Texas A&M University U.S. based Addendum. This option is recommended for a new vendor or a new education abroad program. The ISP Addendums can be found on the Texas A&M University Department of Contract Administration website.
Use a standard Texas A&M University foreign based ISP Agreement or Texas A&M University U.S. based Agreement, removing any non-required segments as appropriate for the program, and adding any other key elements. This option is recommended for the following:
  • vendors who invite you to send a contract template
  • foreign vendors who do not have a standard contract in English
  • long term vendors that will be used for multiple years, in such cases the agreement can  become  a “Master Agreement” made for five years, allowing yearly program itinerary invoices to be signed by the department without further review by the Texas A&M University Department of Contract Administration for the duration of the Master Agreement.
-   The ISP Agreements can be found on the Texas A&M University Department of Contract Administration website.  

-   Create your own contract template with the vendor, ensuring that key Texas A&M University standard template language exists within the agreement. 

Please note that all three options require review and approval by the Texas A&M University Department of Contract Administration as outlined in Section 5 below. It is possible that the third option may require review and approval by the Texas A&M University System Office of General Counsel which will necessitate more time than the first or second option.


ISP Addendums have no optional elements and must be used as written. ISP Agreements have several elements, such as duration of agreement, use of host families, and other program activities that will vary and are able to be edited or deleted. These items are highlighted in the ISP Agreement templates so they are easy to identify. Please remove all highlights before submitting the ISP Agreements for signature.

Add to the selected template the appropriate signatory(s) for Texas A&M University. The President’s Delegation of Authority for Contract Administration provides information about who can sign various types of contracts depending on the anticipated dollar amount for the contract.  The individual identified within the delegation is the only Texas A&M University signatory required for the contract. Departments, however, may want, or be required by their college/division, to add additional signatories.

U.S. vendors must provide an Insurance Certificate (see contract/addendum templates discussed in Step 1 for required minimums); foreign vendors are not required to submit these because the contract template language requires that the foreign vendor verify they have such insurance. Any required Insurance Certificate should be attached to the contract when it is sent to the Texas A&M University Department of Contract Administration for review and approval (see Section 5 below). If it is not available at the time the contract is submitted for review, simply note on the Contract/Agreement Approval Transmittal Form that it has been requested. The Insurance Certificate should be included with the final contract when it is routed for Texas A&M University signatures and archived with the fully executed contract.

The department must route the contract through any internal departmental/college/division review processes that may be required. In addition, ALL ISP contracts for Texas A&M University’s College Station campus must be reviewed by the Texas A&M University Department of Contract Administration. Please refer to the Texas A&M University Department of Contract Administration website for their process, transmittal form, and online contract tracking system. There is a checklist which aids departments in compiling a complete set of contract documents prior to submission to the Texas A&M University Department of Contract Administration. One common error to avoid is leaving the contract value blank on the transmittal sheet; a rough estimate is sufficient for this process. Should the contract require review and approval by Procurement Services, the Texas A&M University Department of Contract Administration will provide Procurement Services with a copy and request approval prior to the contract being fully executed. Once all parties have signed the contract, the department should archive the contract according to the Texas A&M University retention guidelines and provide a copy to the Texas A&M University Department of Contract Administration.